Release notes


  1. Fixed the bug about “cannot find index in self.end__check__list” by recording all request data.
  2. Changed version number to string.
  3. Print out fileName.
  4. Exit the code after tried to request data for 3 times and failed.
  5. Fixed the bug about “cannot get real time price because of “No security is found” when init is holding the positions
  6. Changed the logic to search exchange and primaryExchange from stockList
  7. Moved some functions to better locations


  1. Fixed the bug of “Error processing request:-‘bm’ : cause – Duplicate ticker ID for xxx”
  2. Added a method in data, data.can_trade( ). It always returns True at the moment. It will be extended later.


  1. Fixed the bug of “missing handle_data”. The handle_data function is not required in IBridgePy.


  1. Changed default values of open, high, low, close, size to NaN, following Quantopian’s style
  2. The function of show_real_time_price ( ) returns the current values without extra checking even if the values are NaN. However, show_real_time_price ( ) will guarantee that the bid price and ask price of stocks are positive and the last_traded of indexes are positive.
  3. Fixed the bug of “duplicated orderId” when re-sending request data


  1. Fixed the bug of AttributeError: ‘float’ object has no attribute ‘param’ when requesting real time prices
  2. Fixed the bug related to Ubuntu version and Mac version about file path


  1. errorCode = 2148 becomes a warning, not a critical error anymore.
  2. Fixed the bug of getting real time prices of secType = ‘IND’, for example, IND, VIX, USD
  3. Fixed the bug in Mac and Ubuntu version


  1. Fixed the bug of repBarFreq = 60
  2. Fixed the bug of before_tradng_start ( )


  1. Changed: show_real_time_price will not show any negative number anymore. However, the code will stop if the real time prices are not available for any reasons.
  2. Fixed the bug of the log file path in Linux.
  3. Fixed the bug in handle calendar, for example 2017.11.30
  4. Changed: errorCode = 2105 is a warning message and not a critical error any more.
  5. Fixed the bug of handle_data in run_like_quantopian mode. It won’t run when the market is close.


  1. Fixed a print versionNumber when exit with error message.
  2. Fixed IBridgePy for Ubuntu errorCode = 509


  1. Fixed the print bug in windows Python 3_64 version


  1. Added order_value ( ), order_target_percent ( ), order_target_value ( ) and record ( ) , same as in Quantopian.
  2. Deleted positions from context.portfolio.positions when the quantity of the security is 0. Now it matches what Quantopian does.
  3. Fixed the because request_data is deprecated from version 2.20171004.
  4. Added showing versionNumber when IBridgePy terminates with error messages.
  5. Fixed the bug in showing latest_profit when printing out positions. It always showed “NA” in the previous versions
  6. Separated IBridgePy log with the log created by users using the function of record ( ).


  1. Fixed the bug in get_open_order
  2. Fixed check_date_rules overnight issue
  3. Changed to the code related to error messages and terminate the code when needed.
  4. Added “show sizes” to the function of show_real_time_price


  1. handle_data is not required anymore. It is optional.
  2. Changed the default exchange of stock to SMART. The problem related to XIV positions are solved because of the change.


  1. Started to support order_percent ( ) .
  2. The bug related to schedule_function is fixed.
  3. The bug related to handle_calendar is fixed.


  1. Fixed the bug of print in in python 3.x version


  1. Changed all_US_Stocks.csv to security_info.csv
  2. Allowed users to add the security details to security_info.csvt
  3. The issues related to order_target( ) and positions are fixed because of the above changes.


  1. Added versionNumber for IBridgePy. The current versionNumber is 1.20170905
  2. Fixed a bug related to positions[symbol(‘xxx’)].amount, which has impacts on order_target ( )